Billing overview & setup

Whether you are a brand aggregator, a brand integrated via an aggregator, or an independent brand using Postmates Delivery as a Service, credit card setup via your Partner Dashboard and payments processing will flow much the same way. Payment for services rendered will be charged to the credit card attached to your account/API key daily.



1. Setup

With Postmates, linking your credit card is easy. Follow a few simple steps and start creating deliveries in no time:

  • Login to your Partner Dashboard here. (If you’ve forgotten your password, click "Forgot Password?")
  • Once logged in, tap or click: “General.”



  • That’s it!
    • To avoid any delays in processing, please notify your bank that you are adding a credit card to Postmates, Inc. For any questions related to your payments setup, please contact DaaS Support.

2. API Pricing Policy

3. Charge Schedule 

Pending charges will appear for each request in semi-real time. Transactions will be charged individually at the end of each day. As this is not a bulk transaction, it is important to notify your bank that charges will come through from Postmates, Inc. to avoid processing delays.

Please note that failure to make payments in a timely manner will result in service disruption.

4. Associated Fees

5. Tips

All tips are automatically passed through to the Postmate. 100% of tips go to the Postmate, on top of the fixed delivery payout and any applicable bonuses. Tips can only be added once dropoff is complete. Once added, the charge processes through automatically to the credit card linked to your account.


How to view your payment history