Getting started as an aggregated brand

Billing & Pricing

Billing and pricing details are outlined here. For questions, please contact DaaS Support.

Account/Key Creation

Postmates strongly recommends that all brands create their own account/key. Check with your aggregator for their preferred onboarding flow.

To create an account/key, follow the steps below:

  • Visit and complete the signup flow. This will require the following information:
    • First/Last name
    • Email address (this will be the email address linked to your account)
    • Password
    • Business name
    • Business type, category
    • Weekly delivery volume
    • Website
    • Business description

Once you submit this form, your account will be live in a matter of minutes! Work with your aggregator to submit account/key details and complete your integration.

Delivery Settings

There are three ways to configure delivery settings: by account/key, by location, and by order

  • By account/key:
    To make changes at the account/key level, contact your DaaS Support. The following settings are configurable at the account/key level:

    • Customer Not Available action: Determines Postmate/courier flow in the case that the customer is not available at dropoff. Choose from:

      • Return to pickup location
      • Discard
      • Leave at door 
    • Disallow end-customer SMS: Prevents the Postmate/courier from being able to text the end customer during the delivery. By default, Postmates are enabled to both call and/or text the end customer while the order is live and they are assigned to it.
    • Proof of delivery: Allows you to require an ID scan (21+) or end-customer signature at dropoff as proof of delivery. This can be set at the order or account/key level.
  • By location:
    Settings are not currently configurable at the location level, but stay tuned as this is coming soon!
  • By order:
    Order-level settings are configurable prior to submitting a delivery request, via either your partner dashboard or webhooks. Confirm with your aggregator whether their integration with Postmates’ Delivery-as-a-Service API supports order-level configuration.
    • The following settings are configurable at the order level:
      • Proof of delivery: Allows you to require an ID scan (21+) or end-customer signature at dropoff as proof of delivery. This can be set at the order or account/key level.

Postmates Partner Dashboard

In most cases, when working with aggregators, it will not be necessary to operate from your Postmates Partner Dashboard. Just in case, we’ve provided basic user instructions below:

    • How to use
    • Login instructions:
      Your Partner Dashboard allows you to view your order history and payment history with Postmates. To access your Dashboard, simply navigate to you automatically see this screen, you're all done!


If you’ve never logged in before, navigate to, where you'll see this screen instead: 



  • Click or tap: “Forgot Password?”
  • Enter the email address associated with your account, and click or tap: “Send Instructions.”
  • Navigate to the account email inbox and open the email titled “Reset your password.” You can also search your inbox for “” Don’t forget to check your spam folder, just in case.
  • Tap or click on the link contained within the email
  • Enter a secure password, then tap or click: "Reset Password."
  • Now, navigate to and login with the email and password you recently set.

You're all done!