Customer management


Postmates, Inc. does not send any comms (SMS, email, etc.) to your end customer. We let you own the end customer interaction as you see fit. While an order is live, masked phone communication will be possible directly between the assigned Postmate/courier and the end customer only via the phone number provided for the end customer in the delivery request.

Order Tracking

Postmates provides an unbranded version of our marketplace order tracking link as soon as a request is accepted. Please confirm with your aggregator that they are able to pass this link to you to surface to your end customers.


All tips are passed through automatically to the Postmate. 100% of tips go to the Postmate, on top of the fixed delivery payout and any applicable bonuses.

Tips can be added via either the Partner Dashboard or systematically, via the Delivery-as-a- Service API, once dropoff is complete. Confirm with your aggregator whether or not systematic tipping  is supported. If it is not supported, the following steps must be taken to add tips manually:

Via the Dashboard:

  • Log in
  • Select the order you wish to add a tip for from the Orders screen.
  • Enter the tip amount
  • Select Add Tip.