Non-standard delivery flows

Age-restricted items:

Orders that contain age-restricted items must be marked as such within the delivery request. Note that the Postmates API currently only supports 21+ age verification.

On orders so indicated, the age verification process is as follows:

  • ID Required: The Postmate will receive a prompt prior to initiating drop-off reminding them that ID verification will be required.

  • Initiating Drop-off: Once at the drop-off location, the following options will become available:
    • No Identification: End-customer does not have the required identification. The order must be completed as undeliverable, triggering a return delivery.
    • Too Intoxicated: End-customer is too intoxicated. The order must be completed as undeliverable, triggering a return delivery.
    • Nobody Available: End-customer is not available at drop-off (see “Customer Not Available” flow), triggering a return delivery.
    • Scan ID: Customer is available and has ID. Scan or manual entry is required.
  • Undeliverable: In the case that the scan or manual entry returns as invalid, the order must be completed as undeliverable and returned to the store. A return delivery will be automatically triggered. Invalid results include:
    • Underage
    • License expired


Proof of delivery

You may require proof of delivery upon successful delivery of the order as part of your delivery request. Postmates API currently supports signature capture. In order to complete drop-off, the courier will be required to procure the end-customer’s signature using their Fleet app. Copies of signature captures are available upon request via DaaS Support.


Customer not available (CNA)

Sometimes the customer is not available at the drop-off location when the Postmate arrives. In this event, Postmates takes the following steps to do our absolute best at reaching the customer to complete hand-off:

  • Nobody Available: If the Postmate arrives at the drop-off location and is unable to locate the end customer, the Postmate will select “Nobody Available” within the Fleet app. This will start a 5-minute countdown during which time the Postmate will remain at the drop-off location. The Postmate is also required to contact the end customer (via masked call or text, as available) in order to pass through this stage in the app.

    If at any point during this stage the Postmate locates the end customer, they will select “Customer Found” to complete the delivery.

  • Customer Not Found: If the end customer is still not found after the mandatory contact and 5-minute waiting period, the Postmate will indicate this in the app and “Complete as Undeliverable.”

  • Undeliverable Actions: The following options are available in the case that an order is undeliverable, set at an account level:

    • Return items: All undeliverable orders will be returned to the pickup location. Charges will apply for the return delivery. (Note: this will automatically apply to any orders containing age-restricted items.)
    • Discard items: All undeliverable orders will be kept or discarded by the Postmate.
    • Leave at door: All undeliverable orders will be left at the drop-off location. 

Contact DaaS Support for more information regarding undeliverable actions and settings.



Returns are automatically initiated for any undeliverable orders containing age-restricted items and/or in the case that the API account settings call for returns if undeliverable. Once the attempted delivery has been confirmed as undeliverable and a return is necessary (see the above two scenarios), the following flow begins within the Fleet app:

  • Return Initiated: The Postmate will be notified of the need to return items to the pickup location. The Postmate will be compensated automatically for the return once it is complete.
  • Completing Drop-off: The Postmate will be routed back to the pickup location. The pickup notes from the undelivered order will now appear in the return order drop-off notes section.

Once the Postmate nears the drop-off location, they will be able to mark the following:

  • Delivered to Customer: Order was successfully returned to the store. This requires a second confirmation to “Complete Drop-off”.
  • Merchant Closed: Order could not be returned as the store was closed upon arrival.
  • Merchant Refused Order: Order could not be returned as the store refused to accept the return order.



Batching occurs when multiple orders for different customers are picked up at the same time by the same courier from the same pick-up location. Delivery routing is determined by arrival ETAs to ensure all deliveries are completed on time.

Note: In the case of an undeliverable order within a batch, drop-off for all batched orders must be completed before a return delivery can be initiated.

For more information regarding batching, please contact DaaS Support.