Postmates platform keeps your customers up-to-date via SMS Status Updates 


A new feature allows your customers to receive order status updates via SMS   

Postmates platform empowers integrated partners of all sizes to scale their own business. Allowing your customers to access timely, personalized updates about the order delivery status is essential to a great customer experience. The ability to stay in the know transforms customers to loyal advocates for your business and delivers a competitive advantage. 

We are excited to announce a new feature for integrated partners allowing your customers to receive text messages with order status updates, confirmations, and a shareable map-based real-time tracking link. Using the right communication channels is instrumental in keeping your customers in the loop and helping you achieve customer satisfaction and retention goals.  


Better customer experience equals better business  

  • Customers receive delivery updates on a phone's native SMS automatically 
  • Cross-platform reliable service 


Remove the guess-work from your delivery service 

  • Dynamic order arrival time and confirmations to your customers
  • Shareable GPS powered real-time tracking link 


How it works 

Postmates uses best-in-class Twilio technology to keep your customers informed.

Postmates Integrated  Partners 

  • Seller  
    • Postmates able to send order status updates directly to you customers 
  • Ordering Platforms
    • Postmates able to send order status updates to your sellers’ customers

 The messages are one-way updates sent over local toll-free numbers. 


SMS String


Postmate accepted

Your items will be delivered by Postmates. <Tracking URL>


Postmate begin dropoff

Your Postmate, <name>, will drop off your items soon. ETA: x minutes


Postmate Imminent

Your Postmate, <name>, is arriving soon.


Postmate Imminent (3 min)

Your Postmate, <name>, is currently at your address. Please collect your order.



How to turn it on 

It’s easy. If you’re a Postmates Integrated Partner, reach out to your Account Manager to enable the order status updates for your customers today! You can also submit a request here.  

Not an Integrated Partner yet? Learn more about how you can grow your business on the Postmates platform.